Why was Madison Bumgarner kicked out of the game after the first innings

Madison Bumgarner, as we know, is a baseball pitcher who plays for the Arizona Diamondbacks team. Meanwhile, Arizona Diamondbacks ace Madison Bumgarner was kicked out of the match on Wednesday. The match was being played against the Miami Marlins, and he was ruled out of the game only after the first inning of the matchup.

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Bumgarner was summoned for a hand test by first base umpire Dan Bellino. Bumgarner, despite being an experienced pitcher, actually violated this checkup. He said something to Bellino, after which he was instantly kicked out of the match.

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Many impeached Bellino for instigating Bumgarner. Bumgarner had treated Bellino undisciplined, so he had to back off with his teammates and coach.MLB shared a video of the incident on its Twitter account on May 4; this video has shown many reactions, although so far, it has been liked by about 1500 people and has received a lot of comments from fans.

A comment was made by a fan in which he wrote that seeing the umpire’s gait shield, it seems that he intentionally wanted to take out Bumgarner. Another wrote It was not normal what the ump did; the ump checking his hands for sticky stuff was giving a “say something, I dare you” stare at Bum the entire time (which took way too long—seriously, the ump was trying to get Bum to say something to toss him). The D-backs meandered the Marlins 0-3 at the top of the fourth when Bumgarner went out.


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