Why is This year's draft looking very different compared to the past few years?

This year’s draft will look a little bit different compared to the recent few past years. It is not because of the Las Vegas background. NSPL declared that ESPN’s Adam Schefter will not be available for the event because he will go to attend the graduation of his son. Fellow NFL insider Chris Mortensen will be there to assist in restoring the gap. Schefter is not the only well known ESPN who will not be available there. 

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The draft reviewer Mel Kiper Jr. will be working from his home in Maryland due to his COVID-19 vaccination status. Kiper declared that he will not be available on-site on April 18 because he hasn’t received the covid-19 vaccination but he didn’t explain why he didn’t take covid-19 vaccination. 

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He said in his statement that he fully favours everyone assuming what will be the best for personal conditions and understanding the value of vaccines. He said in simple words that his covid-19 vaccination is distinct according to his personal medical history.

The ESPN broadcast as he went to declare that Herbstreit was doing well before this declaration. ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit will not be available because of his blood clot.



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