Why does the NFL Not Take Action Against the Cleveland

What the NFL Said On Monday That Couldn’t Verify Jackson’s Allegations. The NFL said on Monday that it could not confirm Jackson’s allegations that the Cleveland Browns were deliberately trying to lose games.

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According to the NFL’s official statement, Jackson did not speak with detectives despite initially agreeing to do so. An NFL press release reported “full cooperation” from Browns holder Jimmy Haslam and other historical and current parts of the association.

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A Twitter post in early February suggested he was misplaced. Jackson later told CNN’s Anderson Cooper that he was not paid for intentionally losing sports. Jackson told Kapoor that he told Jimmy that what he was doing was very destructive, not doing it because it would hurt my job and every different coach I worked with and every player on the squad.

Grambling, who is beginning his first season as state head coach, told Sports Illustrated in April that he had inquired the NFL to investigate Brown two years ago.



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