Where will the chief's team go after left from Kansas city

The chiefs of Kansas City are seriously talking about taking action to change locations. Mark Donovan, the chief president, confirmed that his team is talking about leaving Kansas City this week. They have so many options in front of them. After being left out of Kansas, they went into the suburbs or built a new stadium in Kansas City. 

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He said via the Kansas superstar that he has so many options after going from Kansas City. He said that “The perspective he wants to provide everybody is: Take a breath. We’ve got a lot of tasks to do.” 

These works take an extended period, and the procedure will belong. The chief has to think about whether it would be good to make a new stadium in the first place. It seems that they are in the initial situation of that conversation. 

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We have to wait for this answer. Does it make sense to make a new stadium? He said they should not talk about this conversation and wait until they get an apparent reason. And it takes some time. In this topic, the chief should have to make some decisions before declaring his decision. 

There is no hurry to make a decision fast. Kansas City has to go through several decisions. It could keep up at Arrowhead, shift elsewhere or assemble a new stadium in Kansas City. It doesn’t decide where the chief will play. Whatever the decision will be. But the chief will play from Arrowhead in this upcoming season.



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