When will the new episode of Chicago Fire season 10 be released, and when will the finale be?

Season 10 of the TV show Chicago Fire is nearing its end, as it seems as if season 10 started yesterday. The show has a few new episodes left before it’s signed for the summer.

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There are still 3 episodes left of season 10, and the season is also nearing its end, but it will take a few weeks for the last main episode to arrive. 

While we’ll hear both good and bad news, the bad news is that this season will still take at least two weeks to go. While the good news is that this season there is a finale organized by NBC, with limited hitch allowed when it comes time to release the final episode of the season. What do you guys think? When will the last three episodes of the season come on NBC?

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There will not be a new episode of Chicago Fire due to be published on April 27, while episode 7 of “Whom Shall I Fear?” will be re-released in Season 10. On May 4, NBC will not show any new episodes, but the old episode “What Happened at Whiskey Point? Which is the 8th episode of season 10.

Chicago Fire Season 10 kicks off on May 11 with a new episode on the final episode. NBC will release the 20th episode of the season. The 21st episode of the season will be released on May 18, and the final episode of season 10. The title of the new episode has not been discussed yet. The season 10 finale of Chicago Fire will be released on Wednesday, May 25.



  2. I love Chicago Fire. I hope they continue the show with many new episodes. The story line is fantastic and the actors are superb. It’s the only show on my TV on Tuesdays. Please consider continuing the show. I am a true fan and hope to see more episodes.

  3. Please don’t end any of the Chicago’d PD, ER, or FIRE. These show make my Tuesday night. I love the actors they make the story so life touching. I cry almost with every show.

  4. Chicago Fire, PD and Med are not being cancelled. All three shows will air another season (each show was given a 3-season renewal about 2 years ago, and the third additional season of each show will be back for the 2022-2023 TV Season).

  5. In this crazy upside world – we need shows like this. With heroes snd plain good people to look up to. So tired of all the violence snd garbage about there.
    Please please keep us in a good place!!

  6. I really look forward to Med and Fire every Wednesday. The characters are all tremendous actors and actresses. The story lines are great.

  7. Such a Truly wonderful show. Terrific actors terrific storyline and shows the strength and Care given by our firefighters our police department and our caregivers. It’s one of the only shows that I feel gives a true perspective of what ALL Of all these truly wonderful actors portray!! Our wonderful caring police, medical and especially the incredible brave fire fighters , NOY ONLY BRAVE BUT KIND, Caring and proud of their contribution to the community.

  8. Fantastic shows we enjoy every episode no matter how many times we see episodes actors great also Chicago med fire and Chicago pd on Wednesday
    All actors great should get award show for them
    Niall and mills great all of ur paramedics chief boden goes great jess severide and kidd dawson

    Great show always

  9. Pls DO NOT END The Chicago shows. I look so forward to watching everyone of them. They are the BEST shows on. I quit everything I’m doing in the house just to sit down and watch all three of the Chicago shows. PLEASE KEEP THEM GOING. WE NEED THOSE TYPES OF SHOWS 😊

  10. Love these shows – all three ! Please keep them coming! My boyfriend and I watch all three each week- we follow them religiously!! Please keep them coming as long as possible!!! We love watching each show, every week !!! We are hooked !!!!


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