When Tom Brady Was Told About Bruce Arians' Plans

The following day, Bruce Arians informed the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ players that he would not be staying as head coach and would replace him with offensive coach Todd Bowles.

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Arians’ decision came one week after Brady announced his retirement to join his former team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. While the news was surprising however, it didn’t take Brady by surprise.

In the words of Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times, Brady learned of Arians intentions “either the same day or the next day” following making the decision to return for another season on the 13th of March.

If viewed in this manner it appears that the timing could be more than coincidence. Did Brady’s return be the trigger in Arians’ moving out?

Maybe, in a sense. Although Arians said to the Pro Football Talk’s Peter King and Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times that there was no disagreement between the two of them, Brady the 69-year-old added that he was more comfortable giving Bowles the chance to be an eventual Super Bowl contender.

“With the team in the best shape it’s been in, with Tom Brady returning… “I’d prefer to have Todd be in a position where he can be successful rather than having to do a lousy post,” Arians said. “I’m probably going to retire in February of next year anyway.” Therefore, for the time being at present, I’m in charge of the story. I’m not in control of the story in February, since, If Brady gets injured We go 10-7, and we have an interview for a job that is not open.”

Arians said that it was easier to leave the team knowing it was safe in good hands. He arrived at this conclusion almost immediately following the time Brady chose to bring the team again for another season.

In the Instagram account on posted Wednesday at night Brady spoke of Arians as an “true NFL legend and pioneer,” and an “incredible man and coach.” He had the time to craft an elaborate statement due to the fact that he was aware of Arians’s retirement earlier than the other players.


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