What a former NFL general manager would do with Jimmy Garoppolo has been revealed

The San Francisco 49ers have made it known that they want to trade Jimmy Garoppolo time and time again. However, no agreement has been reached. Since several clubs have moved in various directions, Garoppolo’s trade market has vanished.

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After undergoing shoulder surgery earlier this summer, it’s understandable that Garoppolo hasn’t recovered. When the season begins in 2022, there’s a good possibility Garoppolo will be on the roster. Mike Tannenbaum, the former NFL Director of Football, believes that’s precisely what it should be.

Tannenbaum would keep Garoppolo if he were in control of the Niners. Why? He’s had a lot of success, so being a depth player at the most important position isn’t a good idea.

“We’re not going to trade with him.” Period. “That’s it,” Tannenbaum stated on Tuesday’s episode of ESPN’s Get Up. “Why do we want to sell a very excellent quarterback who has led us to the Super Bowl and a championship game in the last two seasons, and who, if Jaquiski Tartt takes Matt Stafford’s throw, might be playing in the Super Bowl?”

“17 games are remaining in the season,” says the coach. This season, having two players on the team, Trey Lance and Jimmy Garoppolo, isn’t a horrible concept. However, if they are split across the two lockers, this can be an issue. I’m searching for depth in the most critical areas.”

Another issue is Garoppolo’s remuneration. If he is released or traded, it’s a difficult choice to make. 49ers might have plenty of cap space available elsewhere. If the Niners are truly committed to Lance Garoppolo, getting rid of him is the best way to move on.


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