The variants of corona have impacted everything; nobody is okay in this situation, so terribly, BTS dropped his plan for the US

This is sad news for the BTS ventilator because his favourite musicians did not come in his place

According to the situation of omicron increasing cases, the Korean BTS band had cancelled the hits grammy award plan in the USA

His award show performance was helding by the BTS band on on Arena in Los Angeles, California, on January 31

According to Soumi, the recording academy said we are postponed to 64 grams. To discuss issues with our supporters

Big hit music said we stopped talking about boy bands according to order, but the Seoul program will be done on time

For strangers, this happened for a second time. According to the him, Grey has cancelled it two times

When the boy band has to drop out of his plan, this is unfortunate news for fans and would you want to see the performance of BTS in the US