The scene of the UConn women's team recently seen is emotional

You must have seen by now that the fans often love their favorite star very much

But, recently, the UConn women's team did a great thing for a small fan which is really good

A 9-year-old girl from the UConn women's team from Pennsylvania is suffering from a dangerous blood disease

And this girl had become a recognized member of this UConn women's team from the age of just 6 years, and many videos on her tick-talk also come with the team

For your information, let us tell you that this girl's name is Daniela, which is in a lot of discussion at this time

It happened that the UConn women's team sent Daniela a video message inviting her to play in the Minnesota tournament with her entire team

You can guess from these things that the UConn women's team takes great care of their fans

A fan did such an act on the victory of the San Antonio Spurs; everyone was surprised