The difficulty of mining Bitcoin (BTC) is expected to break a record over the next few hours, while the profit margins of miners are decreasing

According to data from Bitcoin mining pool, at 14:47 UTC, the Bitcoin mining difficulty, a measure of how difficult it is to obtain mining rewards, is expected to rise by around 419 percent

A record (ATH) of 286 T is possible, which would be an improvement above the previous record of 2797 T set in February

However, the system's computing power, or hash rate, has increased since the last difficulty change two weeks ago

While Bitcoin mining revenue increased by little under 14%, the price of BTC rose significantly, from $ 40,922 on March 17 to $ 47,885 by March 29

To keep a 10-minute block duration, Bitcoin mining difficulty is increased twice weekly (or, more precisely, every 2016 block)

It may have fallen 1% during the day, but has a higher chance to rise 11% over a week

According to current estimates, Bitcoin mining will generate USD 17 billion in revenue by 2021