You must have watched the famous web series 2021 Squid Game

It is one of the highest streaming shows in 2021 in more than 90 countries

In this web series, you will watch numerous people come together to play a challenge and win millions of dollars

Honeycomb Challenge is one of the most demanding challenge players faced

In this, players have to cut the shapes without damaging them with the help of a needle

After this series, the honeycomb challenge of Squid Game is being viral on the internet

To complete the Honeycomb challenge at Home at first, you have to take two spoons of sugar and heat them on the pan

Later, when it starts freezing, make a shape you want to make on it. Keep it to dry for a few minutes, and now your honeycomb is being prepared

Now, start recording and making a tik tok or shorts video for yourself as per your interest in Honeycomb Challenge