Recently, Skip Bayless has said something, which will change the way of judging a player or anyone

Skip Bayless did not consider Larry Bird, a great player due to his physical deficiency

It was a simple thing for Bayless because Larry Bird has been an average player since his college days

Let us also tell you that Larry Bird was not very good in athletics due to his physical disabilities

But, even after all these shortcomings, Larry Bird, also known as Larry Legend, has proved himself successful in the NBA world

The bird successfully made a name for himself despite many shortcomings in basketball, as he also led the NCAA team in 1979

Let us tell you that to guess so much talent hidden inside Larry Bird; Skip Bayless would have been difficult for everyone because he was average from the beginning too

That's why it is wrong to guess someone's past performance, which Skip Bayless has now come to know about, and Bayless has also accepted it