Madison Bumgarner, who started the game for D-back, was dismissed by the umpire Dan Bellino in the first inning

He is just 32 years old, but Twitter is making her a lot older than he is after showing some serious behavior during Wednesday's game

It was enough that members of the D-Back held back the four-time All-Star champion into the dugout

He is in second place among those who have done so, and to date, Only 2 people have been able to do the first one, Arizona

He will say that he is incredibly proud of his team for coming back and winning today because he put a big hole there

The D-Backs started 3-8 after coming into the season, expected to be one of the worst and poor teams in baseball

Bellino appeared to check Bumgarner's hand manually but without breaking eye contact with the starter during the exchange

The exchange content was unclear; Lovullo explained that it seemed like Bumgarner was getting uncomfortable during the check