Many storylines throughout the US open were there this weekend, Grayson Murray's outbursts being one of them

Golf star Grayson Murray let out a furious outburst during the final round of the US Open, hurling his putter before snapping his club in a moment of madnes

What would Paige Spiranac say about his visible frustration? She approved

Indeed golf is a game of traditions and calmness, but a few moments of outburst make things fascinating and liven up things a bit

Paige Spiranac published a new video, wrapping up the US opens, and congratulated Matthew Fitzpatrick as she picked her as her breakout 

She concluded that there is something that just makes you hyper while playing golf; she has thrown her fair share of clubs

This emotion is often celebrated in various sports, like the celebration dances in football, but golf is considered a gentleman's game, and the tradition must be maintained

What do we expect from the golfers, outbreaks, and emotions like those, or do we like it how it is? Maintaining sportsmanship should be the topmost priority in this