In an effort to repeat the success of the day before, All-Pro linebacker Bobby Wagner is visiting with a suitor

A few days back, Wagner met with the Los Angeles Rams, then the Baltimore Ravens

ESPN's Jeremy Fowler first reported on Fox Sports' Jeremy Fowler that Baltimore Ravens linebacker Bobby Wagner had attended today

Fowler announced “All-Pro free agent linebacker Bobby Wagner was spotted in town today, per FOX Sports' Jeremy Fowler

Ravens have high interest in Wagner, who also visited the Rams this week,”

Lamar Jackson tweeted “Listen don’t hype me up and when I see ESPN later this week I see Bob in another uniform that’s not ours,”

Wagner, 31, is still playing well. This past season, he had 170 point-for-tackle individuality, five pass breakups, an interception and a sack

If the Ravens sign Wagner in this scenario, he must improve the quality of his defence immediately