If you are a fan of the NFL and are active on Twitter, you must see recent tweets related to Colin Kaepernick Twitter

But, if you don't know why people are tweeting so much about Colin Kaepernick on Twitter, stay tuned to this story

Recently Colin Kaepernick threw at halftime of the Michigan Spring game on Saturday, after which people started discussing them

If experts are to be believed, people were speculating that Colin Kaepernick would not appear as the quarterback of the NFL, but he was found playing recently

Colin Kaepernick has rubbished rumors of his NFL quarters not joining the bank, saying he wants to find a backup job for the NFL

Colin Kaepernick further said that he should be allowed to come to the NFL, which will go a long way in winning whichever team he is in

Following Colin Kaepernick's statement, NFL fans started receiving some excellent and adverse reactions to Colin on Twitter

But, since this incident, it has become clear that Colin Kaepernick is all set to come to the NFL. so please share this and follow our site for more