What Miles Bridges had done on Wednesday night in a play-in games tournament game?

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So the NBA officially decided to punish Miles Bridges for what he had done in the tournament

It was the last match for the Charlotte Hornets when he saw that he was going to be defeated 130-103 by the Atlanta Hawks

It was not that type of performance that made him popular because Bridges had 12 points four rebounds and four assists in the downfall

Bridges got emotional when he realized in the fourth quarter that it would be his last season

He mistrusted a goaltending alarm and rapidly got two technical fouls for his outburst

Due to some reason just before a few moments, the NBA decided to fine Bridges $50,000 for his activity

This incident took place when Bridges accepted two technical fouls and was expelled in Charlotte’s 132-103 losing to the Atlanta Hawks on April 13 at State Farm Arena