In a challenging situation, the NFL took such a decision that took everyone by surprise; it announced the name of its head coach

The NFL is in terrible shape, and they have appointed Lavi Smith as their new head coach; Lovie Smith has been selected as head coach by the NFL

Bucky Brooks thinks Smith has been made head coach in a very wrong position; this is a challenging time for the NFL

The NFL has schooled him with many wishes because he is going through a tough time, and it is tough to handle him 

Smith requires a big game from second-year quarterback Davis Mills for the Texans to have a vibration this fall

The organization has, over the years, enabled a ton of ability to step out the gate without finding a suitable replacement for Star Power

Derek Stingley will be the next star defensive back in junior football. If he shines, Smith can defend himself around him

Everyone expects that this season will be perfect for Smith, but it will not be easy; it will be tough for him