To make lewis hamilton a respectable civilization of Brazil: seven-time world champion jokes commented on him

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That Lewis Hamilton is lingering for his passport and he also wants to invest more time in the country

Hamilton continues to be a part of the country; these credits go to formula 1 driver Aryton Senna

Hamilton said that he is his idol and he confessed that his first championship came in a very critical situation in 2008

Now this time a congressman Andre Figueiredowho tried to persuade Hamilton of an honourable civilisation

He claimed that Hamilton defeated the Brazilian GP last year, where he unfolded the Brazilian flag as fans vocalised his and Senna's names

Hamilton has not voted in Brazil but presidential candidate Ciro Gomes supported Hamilton through social media posts

Hamilton's speech came openly out when he was reaching Brazil to deliver a keynote speech at an event

On the occasion of VTEX day, Hamilton hosted Brazil's flag and delivered a speech for Brazil and showed his love and affection