Life started his hard week in Australia doing something for the Canada team and he is happy for p10 in Melbourne because Alex Albon achieved one point

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Latifi said that after the use of the high potential engine he was struggling with that and some VFC cars are good in his way

And finally, Alex won the race P10, and he gave lots of effort to the squad. I want to search for more balanced things in my life

Dave Rapson said about Williams's performance that he was indifferent to politics in comparison to Alex

Robson said that we all use one player for many races but we select Nikki for hard work but Alex followed and did this

Nicky's speed is better but has no comparison with Alex in any form, Nicky's doing not well in the initial position

Life is hoping well in starting the race on Imola, and the performance of albon in Melbourne supports him with some satisfaction

If he can do it properly then I will also do this properly in another car, and I am watching here with the help of data on how he can do this