Kyle Busch was ideally to see after finishing this. On Sunday night in Bristol, I polluted the race for the last lap to fight for that

Chess Eriko met with leader Taylor redic, who lost his command of both the cars

The man who won the match defended Chevrolet and Bruce and won the game with many effects

When he won the match at that time, Bruce selected him as a player in his team, and Bruce broke the 25 winning cup record

He tied himself with one match of the 18th season of seven times cup champion Richard peti

Busch said that all the competitors for that, whose welcome with bus dharna or bridge crowded

And he feels like a decent and hard senior, but our team has not performed well because of two days of rain. And he said I can always win on any surface of bristol

Bristol gained the third rank, and Kyle Larson performed the fourth rank, but his position dragged him out from the top 5