On a very amazing day on campus at Kansas State, KSU football cornerbacks Julius Brents and Ekow Boye-Doe had some fun with passersby

Picture: gettyimages

In the video given below people are looking at very suspicious brents and Boye - Doe is in full uniform

They both try to attract people by challenging them to up with them in a mock 1-on-1 drill

Some people show this as an offer whereas some people were very confused

Then Boe-Doe replied in the clip that nobody is safe or comfortable

This was an unexpected offseason that no one was able to believe. This will create a self belief for the team from fans

Brents and Boye-Doe both started all 13 games for KSU from 2021 onwards, which was very amazing

They’ll be anticipated to create life desperate for obstructing receivers this collapse as Kansas State glimpses to assemble on recent year’s 8-5 record and Texas Bowl triumph