Johnny Manziel, formerly an NFL player, announced in 2022 that he would co-found a new Fan Controlled Football League called the Johnny Football Pros

The series was opened in 2021 by National Football League investors such as Lynch, Johnson, and Sherman

The field in which the game is conducted is 50 yards long and 35 yards wide

Manziel played professional football for a third time prior to the AAF's series in February 2019

He stated, “For me, the FCF is been intriguing in that right because I don’t have to do it as a full-time job and it’s something different for me than it was in the past.”

He was the last player to play in the league of the Cleveland Browns in 2015

Grantland Kiel junior fulfilled a 38-yard operate in his final match during his UFC debut last year

This kind of setting makes Robert Manziel glad to be back on the gridiron