This time John Cena is on-trend, and now his name comes on to create history in which fans react and give so many quotes for him

John Cena is arguably the GOAT regarding his exploits in the ring, but his inheritance of it is even more special

On Sunday, the WWE proceeded with its #CenaMonth by sharing that the superstar wrestler has granted more wishes

The WWE world reacted to John Cena's incredible acts of compassion on social media, which made him viral

One user replied to John Cena and said him to be an American hero who shows the pleasure of fans towards Cena

Another user tweeted that John Cena [will] always remain a legend that made Cena special from another profession 

Another user pointed out that John Cena could see the pure joy in this child's face, ``Thank you, John, keep it up

A fan quoted John Cena, A life of significance is about assisting those who prefer your great gifts, leadership, and purpose