Jesse Spencer's Captain Matt Casey took the rest of the town in the 200th episode of Chicago Fire from the juncture

Since that day, fans have been counting the days when they don't see Casey come back into the windy city

At first, it started as they'd only be apt to catch citations to Casey through updates to the show's other symbols 

And for most of the season, the writers kept Casey's presence alive on the show which is best

However, that will soon change as Jesse Spencer returns to the series For the upcoming season 10 finale!

In the episode, Severide and Kidd will eventually exchange their I do's to see Casey return to town to serve as best man at her best friend's wedding

With Production Concluding, Spencer Is Officially Back Chicago Fire is set, and they have the first time to see Spencer back in action through a new behind-the-scenes image!

As the season begins to build, be shocked by some sweet delights from NBC's hit drama cast and crew