Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was forced to fix a number of crucial dilemmas that Orton Jones created prior to the start of the new season

Nevertheless, not every decision was bigger than trading wide receiver Amari Cooper to the Cleveland Browns

Speaking to the media on Monday, Jones was asked why he traded Cooper instead of giving his record-breaking salary

Jones bluntly replied that the team felt the money would be “better spent” elsewhere

Jones said “We made a decision that that allocation should be better spent,”

The Cowboys used some funds to lengthen wide receivers Michael Gallup and Noah Brown as well as bring in Jeremiah Cassel, a franchise player

They also extended the family pass rusher, Demarcus Lawrence, by tagging tight end, Dalton Schultz

Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys may have been too hasty to unload Hill in the aftermath of the cash selloff from both sides

If the perpetrator improves in detachment, it will not matter much

But if it does, there could be a lot of offended Cowboys fans throughout the coming months