Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, was questioned Monday about the paternity lawsuit that has been brought against him

He was accused by a 25-year-old woman named Alexandria Davis of claiming that he is her father. Jones' responses were quite short

“That is personal,” via the Dallas Morning News‘ David Moore. “That is personal,” Jones said

Davis' family grew up in the North Texas area. In a lawsuit against the Dallas Cowboys, Davis alleges that her mother's encounter with the team's owner

Jerry Jones, in the 1950s who did not pay her child support, led to Davis' birth. The claim was initially funded by a settlement awarded to Jones

It’s asserted Davis became a child when this document was signed. The trial date for the currently being contested hearing is March 31

Davis' attorneys maintain that the suit is motivated by passion, But rather, her identity is not sheltered

Cynthia Davis' ex-husband was not required to pay child support after their divorce, as the results of the paternity test proved he was not the father

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