This summer, the Dallas Cowboys have been getting loads of attention, but most of the coverage has centred on negative issues

Cowboys owners Jerry Jones chose to address the problem today

When he addressed the media during the NFL owners’ conference, Jones remarked that his club has been garnering different sorts of attention for more than 30 years

Jones feels it’s fantastic to see his team get the attention it deserves, regardless of whether it’s favourable or bad

“When you’re spending 30 or more years reminding yourself, “Look at us. Hey, wait, look, you’re looking elsewhere… we’re Cowboys

However, Jerry Jones thinks – publicly at the very least – that the Dallas Cowboys are well-equipped to make the Super Bowl run

He has stressed the idea that adding guys like Micah Parsons may entirely turn the entire group around

It’s been nearly a quarter of a century since Dallas last appeared on the field in the Super Bowl

In the next few years, the game might alter for Dallas if they don’t reach the threshold in 2022