Wood Brothers achieved 14th place in the final at Darlington Raceway, being the high season of Racing, but there's one who didn't see it as a success

Harrison Burton didn't see it as a big thing, but he's viewing it as a bit of success, so fans try to find out the reason behind these negotiations

According to Burton, there is a reasonable speed used in the race, and also he will not forget it

"There was a portion of that race where we came out after a pit stop and hadn't been good to start the race, and then the car woke up 

We made the right changes on pit road, where Joey and Denny were second and third, and I ran them down and caught them

"Looking at the lap time data, that was our most vital race for sure compared to the leaders and that segment, and we matched the leader's lap time 

So, it's like, 'OK, we're going in the right direction there' We have the speed at times to be a top-five car, and we have to go and execute a whole race now 

Then he said, “We had one segment where we were perfect, and then we tuned ourselves out of it some I think that was a big victory to run with those guys"