Ferrari started his best journey in this season to win two races out of three from the 2004 program

Charles Leclerc and Carlos saints Jnr gained 104 points and started in 2010 with 25 notches

In the year 2017, the team had gained 102 which is one point lower than 103 points now. He is ready for a strong start for his team

Ferrari is a good racing car but the performer is not performing well, some racers do their best and some are pursuing and trying to do their best

Of the 26 different drivers who have won a grand slam in F1 history, 64 performed nicely, showing decent performance out of 1060

Last is important in every game and I did well. Leclerc had to listen to this word and the 2016 championship of Nico Rosberg

Subsequently this, I did start the season and we won his fourth championship league and all also did this. Bad things for both the team and both are not doing well

Jody Schechter, who left the sport after his one win in 19th position in 1980, Alex achieved 10 positions and we know a team with zero points