What is the question related to the head coach of the Philadelphia 76ers, which is becoming famous on all social media right now?

He has a technique and multiple competitors, but he will presently become a leading challenger to get the job of that laker

Windhorst could not believe that Rivers was interested in coaching anywhere other than the Philadelphia 76ers or Los Angeles; Windhorst says this

Rivers, 60, has a stunning résumé as a chief mentor in the NBA, and Still, the 76ers fell quickly in back-to-back years under his supervision

This Friday, ESPN's Brian Windhorst spoke at the get-up that he thinks the Lakers have a team in Los Angeles, watching developments closely

Even if he wants to make a change depends on whether the owner is about to pay out Doctor River's contract where Daryl Morey intends to replace him

He has many ways by which he can get this job immediately, and he will also get this job quickly, and he is also the leading contender for it

If Doc Rivers breaks free, his interest in the Los Angeles Lakers will surely increase, and he will want to go after them