People are getting very anxious to know what the head coach of the Philadelphia 76ers team, Doc Rivers has to say about the 76ers

The Miami Heat team pulled them out of the playoff race after defeating the Philadelphia 76ers 99-90 in a semifinal match on Thursday night

Joel Embiid's suffering and Harden's astonishingly terrible game destroyed the 76ers; in the end, they missed the playoff series 4–2

Doc Rivers, the head coach of Team 76ers, evaluated honestly after Game 6, saying that our team was not good enough to beat the hit

By the way, this was the inception of his statements, which are now getting a lot of headlines by the media

However, when the media asked Rivers about his job security, he gave an exact answer that grabbed everyone's attention

River said he doesn't care about his job, and he thinks he does his job very well; he said if you should write if you don't

He worked his butt to bring this team here; when he first came here, no one ever chose him to stay; they believed in their ability