Kyle Busch was declared out of the NASCAR race at Darlington, that news amazed all the fans, and they tried to find the reason

Busch was victorious in the Goodyear 400, amassing leading the race at the Darlington Raceway for 18 laps and racing in the top five for most of the day 

Then after all of these things he came lap 167 when Brad Keselowski blew his front right tire and hit the wall

Trailing closely behind was Busch, who became a casualty of Keselowski's wreck through no fault of his own

That pain was enough to throw Busch out of the race, and Frustrated, Busch drove his unredeemable yet drivable car towards the garage

Yet, instead of driving the car in, Kyle Busch left his vehicle at pit road and walked off the track

His vacating the car meant that NASCAR had to be near pit road, preventing others from pitting until his car could be moved

That didn't sit well with NASCAR on Fox analyst Clint Bowyer, which made him out of the NASCAR race