On Wednesday night the New Orleans Pelicans were scheduling a play-in with San Antonio sports

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At the night McCollum said to ESPN that he thinks that he has prepared for all remaining seasons

After the all-star break pelicans improved 13 to 10 so he can help in a close seed the number 9 in the west

McCallion gave an amazing gift to his squad that is on an average of 40.3 points, 5.8 assists, 4.5 rebounds per game and 40℅ clips on downtown

There was one thing that CJ explained to Ingram that he always tries to be on the first page, that was very important for him

These words clearly show the effect on Ingram's game and whatever he hears he all applies and he will pass

He also told him that focusing on the opponent's game and trying to grasp what he wants to do will be very effective for you

Now it's time to show that, are both duo able to take plecians into the playoffs? But his franchise believe on both of them and expect to be a better results