Chris Ballard gives a perfect comment about Carson Wentz in which fans show their reaction with surprise

He was perpetrated to proceed on from Carson Wentz this offseason, regardless of whether or not the Colts made the playoffs

Wentz had the Colts on the verge of a trip to the postseason last season, but they only required a win against the Jaguars in week 18

But they could not do their job; therefore, Indianapolis has since moved on from the retired Philadelphia Eagle

He bought and sold him to Washington and developed Matt Ryan from the Falcons, and Flashback to that Week 18 game

According to Bollard, the Colts may not have stuck with Carson Wentz, and he will not win the game and take Indianapolis to the playoffs

Ballard said he didn't know, and He thought they would have still had some hard discussions; then, Mike Florio showed his thoughts

Then Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk asked if the Colts would have stuck with Wentz for another year had he won in Week 18

He said Just the way they played down the stretch; we realized we were required to formulate some modifications in that area