Chicago Fire executive producer Andrea Newman explains what made this season hurled and difficult on one Chicago press day

Fans are very anxious to know what Chicago executive producer Andrea Newman said on the Chicago press day

She confessed during the Chicago press day that the crossovers are fun and give a smile to the face of the audience

Also explained in her statement that this year the COVID thing has made them complicated because of all the protocols

So she thinks that hurled us off a handful this year, but that doesn't mean that they don't have ideas in their mind

Newman said that she perished going to the burning hospital for a long time, so she wanted protocols

There are all these procedures for when a hospital is on fire and things happen and they prefer to do that one and loop PD, but they haven't had an opportunity this year"

Fire producer Derek Haas said, "For some justification, the Chicago Med showrunners don't like it when we resist implying we burn down the Chicago Med hospital