In Chicago season 10, episode 18 during a prisoner situation Boden's life is in danger

Picture: gettyimages

As we all know, being a firefighter is very dangerous. But unless the Chicago fire first started with the end of Firehouse 51's life

We have seen in this picture that a member of the team died during a call

Now it's time to put someone's life in danger, the same as before people die on call

But now this time Boden was not on the phone call, however, his life was in danger and his natural behaviour made him start to keep safe from people

Will Boden survive in Chicago Fire season 10, episode 18?

What will happen with Boden? Everyone saw this as a question.At the time he fought with a man who held a gun to him

But he doesn't want to injure people and wants to keep safe. He thinks he wants to wait for the police. But that will not be so good , Boden thinks