In the recent episode of Erin Andrew and Charissa Thompson's podcast, they shared some embarrassing stories about their high school

This story will be little jokes, and Thompson will be oppressed by fans who show their reaction

Andrews and Thompson shared the challenging high school stories on the latest episode of "Calm Down with Erin and Charissa

Thompson said in TP’d a house in high school of a girl who was a sophomore, and they were seniors

That girl was dating his friend Ryan, but they did not like her, So they all had a group called ‘the black book club,’ and they all TP’d her house

And it was very mean when he looked back on it because now, being a homeowner, he does not want anyone to violate the home

So Charissa Thompson asked Stephanie Draper's parents for forgiveness if you are out there listening"

Fans reacted to the embarrassing story; one fan pointed out that he noticed  Thompson apologized to Stephanie’s parents, not Stephanie!!

Another fan admitted To them it was an honor to get your house TP’Ed where another fan jokes, "Mom is gangsta, with the water hose