An international team of researchers claim to have slowed the signs of aging in mice by resetting their cells to younger states, using a genetic treatment.

This is a miracle in the history of science because coming back in the age is not a joke.

These molecules have been shown to be able to reset epigenetic markers to cause cells to express their original states, thereby effectively turning back their clocks.

This type of thing is really crazy and when it will be successful then their demand is huge.

In an experiment to test if the approach was safe, Izpisua Belmonte — that’s the Salk scientist behind this latest study — and colleagues tested a range of rejuvenation approaches on three groups of lab mice of different ages, giving them doses of Yamanaka factors at regular intervals.

But more research will be required to confirm if the technique can actually turn back the clock on epigenetic markers and not just slow down the process of aging.

“Yamanaka factors carry the risk of inducing cancer, and unlike mice, humans carry many more mutations as they age, which may already predispose them to developing cancer," said University of Edinburgh biology of aging specialist Tamir Chandra, who was not involved in the study.

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