It will be announced in February 2023 that Burins will be the leader of winter class at the fan park

Picture: gettyimages

They considerably assumed that Pittsburg penguins would be seen in the city for outdoor athletics

The NHL clearly announced on Wednesday that in the upcoming new year Bruins will lead the Penguins on the way to Boston

According to the Fenway Park group, they said that both Fenway park and penguins give rise to a connotation and bruins playing on Monday 2, Jan

The game is facing a delay due to New Year's Day tumbling on Sunday so it will occur on Monday

The penguins are not an unknown player in the NHL's decisive game because he played the last three years in 2008,2011 and 2019

Bruins continue to show his domination in winter classics, in 2010 he punch Philadelphia Flyers in overtime and beat Montreal Canadiens in 2016 by 5-1

They were the travellers in the 2019 winter classic and won against the Chicago Blackhawks by 4-2 at Notre Dame stadium