Very often, any player gets attached to a particular team; due to this, he likes to play with his favourite team in any condition

Recently, this incident happened with the Houston Texans, but you have to watch this story until the end to know about it

Brandin Cooks, who has been playing for the Houston Texans for a long time, has signed a new contract

After the signing of Brandin Cooks on this new contract, there has been a stir in the world, and there has been peace for the last few days

But by now, you may not know why people are so surprised by Brandin Cooks' contract to play for Houston Texans for 2 more years?

Your curiosity is also correct because if Brandin wanted Cooks, he could have been bought by the team for good money, but without this, he re-signed the 2-year contract

Let us tell you that the reason behind Brandin Cooks doing this could also be his attachment with the Houston Texans team

Whatever the case may be, it's better to read a player's point than to see how much this new contract turns out to be for the Houston Texans