For the NFL Regular Season in 2022, the New England Patriots will have a completely different head coach than they do now

Head coach Bill Belichick confirmed on Monday morning that the Patriots will not have officially appointed offensive and defensive coordinators for the next season, as previously reported

Not surprisingly, Belichick said that he is not a big fan of championships and championship rings

“I’m not a huge fan of championships,” Belichick said. NFL fans aren’t too startled by this development

“I’m glad to inform you in writing that I have been named the new offensive coordinator for the New England Patriots for the season beginning in 2022

As the post is now vacant and no one else has applied for the role. The position has been filled informally. There is no one else who can lay claim to this property”

The Patriots are regaining their composure following their Wild Card round loss to the Bills

After winning the AFC East in 2018, it is believed that New England will be a contender in 2022