Until Bill Belichick did not put up with any judgment about his coaching staff unless he didn't restrain something secret

According to a report, however, Belichick has to decide who his offensive play-caller will be this upcoming season

Fans are still waiting for Bill Belichick's decision on who will be the offensive play-caller this upcoming season

Josh McDaniels had the job last season, but He evacuated this off-season to be the head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders

Belichick is having a tough time deciding who will replace him. It's reportedly down to Matt Patricia and Joe Judge

Henry Coffey McKenna said that he's listened to the same thing as @MikeReiss on the Patriots' offensive play-calling

One exciting idea fans have floated around is giving the play-calling duties to longtime backup quarterback Brian Hoyer

According to one fan, They should allow Brian Hoyer or Bill Belichick should allow this decision