Recently, a famous Australian model Alex Fevola started her husband’s relationship, which everyone was surprised to hear about

You people must know that relationships keep on deteriorating for everyone, whether it is an ordinary person or someone special

Alex Fevola talks openly about her husband Brendan Fevola's illicit relationship with a bikini model

The kind of statement Alex Fevola has made in front of anyone about his domestic relationship is very heartbreaking

In his statement, Alex Fevola said that he was deeply saddened when he came to know about his stormy relationship with his husband, Brendan Fevola

When Alex Fevola came to know about it, she felt very sick at that time, and it is natural for this to happen

Tell that Brendan Fevola was having this unfair relationship with the Australian model Lara, and Lara also gave her comment on this

Lara said that she did not know about the relationship between Brendan Fevola and Alex Fevola