Tom Brady's underwear was becoming very viral on social media

Let us tell you that the hottest topic going on on social media and Instagram right now is the topic of underwear. The topic of underwear is all over social media and Instagram. This underwear post was becoming famous on social media and Instagram because this post was done by a football star Tom Brady. 

Tom Brady was promoting this underwear because this underwear company belonged to him and he was the owner of this company. Brady has shared a video in which a lot of comments are coming. In the clip of that video of Brady, it is shown that he is walking in the bathroom wearing his own Brady brand underwear, after which his wife walks up to him while making the video and shows the brand of underwear zooming in from across. 


It was shown in that video that when his wife was making a video, only then a voice comes from behind that whose new underwear is, then he tries to cover the camera with his towel. According to the caption, the Brady brand launched its underwear collection this Thursday, June 9.