Tom Brady Could Be traded to Boston After This New Report

In the mid-day of Thursday, NFL agent Drew Rosenhaus mentioned that there will certainly be “absolutely” likely to be added eruptive news this offseason.

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It could be about the most skilled quarterback ever before to play in the sporting activity. The reality is, Rosenhaus did not claim anything regarding Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady.

Nevertheless, there’s an opportunity that a Boston reporter thinks that the superstar quarterback will go on in 2022. Dale Arnold of NESN claimed that he “would not be surprised” to discover that Brady will undoubtedly be playing for the various clubs this season.

Tom Brady Could Be traded to Boston After This New Report

Where? Playing for the Miami Dolphins. The Twitter user Arnold claimed to have information that Tom Brady would not be playing for the Buccaneers in the next season. This could mean that he had spoken with both of the Miami Dolphins’ reporters and they were in possession of this information. It is also possible that Arnold’s purported knowledge about a potential trade between the Bucs and Brady was true, but no deal has been reached yet.

It’s hard to believe that the Buccaneers would intend to get rid of Tom Brady after he decides to return from retirement. Buccaneers director of football Jason Licht thinks Brady will remain in the group via the 2022 period and maybe even the following period.

Given the two years Licht has had with Brady, what happens if he can take on The Buccaneers during that period? Given how successful and popular Brady has been in his career thus far, it’s reasonable to assume that he could be very successful and have a long-term career as a professional footballer. So let’s see for the next few years!

Tom Brady Could Be traded to Boston After This New Report



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