NFL worlds are amazed by new task of Tom Brady after retirement

When you retire from any field, after that you do a lot of work to keep yourself busy, now the same has been seen with Tom Brady, knowing that you will surely be a little surprised. But there will be happiness too, then you stay in this news till the end and you have a request to help us in spreading this news to maximum people so that its information can reach as many people as possible.

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As you would know that the NFL off-season is currently going on and during this time Tom Brady has adopted a new job and this work is going to be the best job after his retirement.

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For your information, let us tell you that Declan Kelly, who resigned from the post of Teneo’s chief executive in 2021, has made Tom Brady his partner on the website of one of my consulting firms. Although you will also need to know that this advisory farm of Declan Kelly is not that big yet, but it is sure that Tom Brady’s retirement is safe now and you also need to know that Tom Brady is still What will be the role in this consultancy firm is also difficult to say.

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