They will push him - The WWE Veteran prefers Madcap Moss over Baron Corbin

Madcap Moss won the biggest match of his WWE career when he was the last man standing in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal on SmackDown Live. Dutch Mantell admitted that he was a big fan of Madcap Moss and that he preferred working with him over Happy Corbin.

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Since September 20, 2021, Madcap Moss has been Corbin’s sidekick. In addition to playing the role of a quirky heel, he’s gradually made his way to the main roster. Dutch Mantell claimed it was because Moss and Corbin’s stories had time to develop, which isn’t the case for other WWE stories. Mantell is also a big fan of Moss’s way of presenting his comedic acting style, which he explains in this article:

They will push him - The WWE Veteran prefers Madcap Moss over Baron Corbin

I’m enjoying it. It’s just so amusing and humorous. It’s extremely amusing. It’s the type of guy you don’t like, but you’re tempted to like. Even though I adore Broken Corbin, I’ve always preferred him over Corbin in the end. However, I now believe it is possible to find a way for them to coexist. The thing is, at the very least, it has a track record. At the very least, they’ve told the story and may have pulled the trigger. However, WWE has been known to pull the trigger and simply dump or eliminate it. “Do not dry it!”

The former WWE manager was aware that Moss would win the Battle Royale just moments before the event’s conclusion, which featured Madcap Finn Balor, Dirty Dawgs, and Finn Balor as the four final players.

Moss not only won the multi-man competition, but he also got some time on the microphone, which could be an indication of his future transition to an individual competitor. So, I liked Madcap Moss because I knew when it came down to Madcap Moss and the four of them, Balor was in there; that’s when I said, Madcap’s winning this one,” Mantell continued. Mantell. “Yes, it was! When he won, he scheduled the interview for later. He had two interviews, as well as another following, and then he had another interview with Corbin. “( Happy Corbin, the former “King of the Ring,” is set to face Drew McIntyre at WrestleMania 38, and Madcap Moss’ name will be in his corner.


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