There's One That's Growing Bruce Arians and Tom Brady's Theory

On Wednesday night, Bruce Arians announced his retirement from coaching, and the Buccaneers are attempting to make it appear as if Tom Brady had no influence on the decision.

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The majority of NFL fans, on the other hand, aren’t convinced. Many believe Brady only decided to stay in Tampa Bay for another season because the Buccaneers’ ownership agreed to a head coaching change. Meanwhile, Arians and the Buccaneers claim that Brady’s decision to un-retire made it easier for him to relocate.

The Buccaneers’ now-former head coach wanted a good team in place for Todd Bowles, who will take over as the new head coach.

Meanwhile, Brady has only good things to say about his former head coach. We may learn more about Brady and Arians in the future, but for now, all we have is speculation.


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