The NFL Community Reacts to Jim Thome's Wife Canceling Browns Tickets

Andrea Thome, Jim Thome’s wife, has publicly declared her support for the Cleveland Browns. After the Deshaun Watson deal, she requested that her season tickets to the Cleveland Browns be canceled. Following Watson’s press appearance, she made the news via her Twitter account.

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Andrea sent out a tweet saying, “After forty years as a fan, this is quite disappointing. However, here is where I draw the line. ” “I have faith in women. This is especially true when there are 22 of us.

In no way was the press conference a factor in my decision.
Later, she asserted that she was within her rights to make that choice after 20 massage therapists alleged that Watson had inappropriately handled them over the course of two years.

Finally, a final word. I have never accused anyone of anything. There are 22 accusers. “That’s enough for me to make a decision that I have every right to make without being intimidated by keyboard warriors,” Andrea wrote in a tweet. I’m stepping back for a week, but I wish everyone the best of luck. Thank you so much for your assistance.

Thome’s wife has received a lot of positive feedback from the NFL community on social media. Watson is still being sued by the people who say he raped them, even though an NFL investigation is still going on.


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